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Default Re: What about a trike?

Not much experience but I'm learning as I go. I think that is a heck of an idea not that you mention it. It might be just the right application for the 25cc helper engine.

You would have an engine that would stop and start automatically and give you an assist to run along at about ten to 12 mph on the flats. Good speed going downhill to set you up for the next hill. You could pedal it as if the hill were half the size and go right up it. All in all a darn good solution for a three wheeler if you don't mind a little pedaling.

Check with me in a few days and I should have a pretty good drive wheel done and I can give you complete plans to put a motor on the bike. Matter of fact I will mount the 25cc I have coming on the front wheel of a bike just to see if it is practical for you. That is just as soon as I find a bike.
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