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Default Re: reduced tire size

As does quips & posts that can be interpreted as made solely to self-promote...

I understand there's some animosity, but reading this thread in particular I see Joe attempting to warn of potential problems of availability and avoiding the perhaps unnecessary cost of a product as well as a free work-around for a problem that should be otherwise corrected.

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
Running with your chain misaligned to clear the tire is a bad thing no matter how you do it, whether its a couple of washers behind the sprocket or an expensive piece of machined aluminum.
I see you striving to move product, ignoring any potential alternative and the problems inherent with a misaligned chain in that interest - redirecting to previous conflict to try and discredit.

You're right - this ongoing conflict is ridiculous = warning 1 for excessive self-promotion and provoking staff.
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