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Default Re: reduced tire size

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
The misalignment I was speaking of would be the misalignment caused by the sprocket being moved over enough for the chain to clear a wide tire.

Running with your chain misaligned to clear the tire is a bad thing no matter how you do it, whether its a couple of washers behind the sprocket or an expensive piece of machined aluminum.

As for "couldn't be farther from the truth"- "hundreds of satisfied customers?
One degree of chain angle equals nearly 1/2" of lateral movement in either direction. One degree off center line will not hurt anything. There are many times when the chain just does touch the rear tire. By sliding the sprocket adapter over, (just a little), the builder can achieve the needed chain to tire clearance precisely. It is not necessary to space the sprocket out with washers...the adapter slides along the hub.

Without getting into this ridiculous topic again; Pirate Cycles and Piston Bikes would not be retailing my products if they were of questionable quality or functionality. The constant cracks about my products, or the projects I'm working on, don't affect what I do at all! It's no more annoying than a metal chip in my it may as well stop!

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