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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
The threads in the kit tank are not 3/8". It is a metric machine thread but it can be modified with a 1/8" pipe tap. Be very careful and don't thread too deep, just enough so a 1/8" male fitting will start good. Let the tapered threads do the sealing. If you have any seapage, SealAll will stop it.
As for fuel line, I'm not sure how you guys are getting 3/16" I.D tubing to fit over the petcock/carburetor barbed nipples. I use 1/4" I.D (inside diameter) fuel line and it does fine even without clamps, but I do clamp them just for security.
Yes Tom, those are metric pipe threads equivalent to a US 3/8" per se. The poster asking is in Australia and they're metric down-under, so close enough to 3/8" with metric thread pitch.

As for using 3/16" on the larger barbs, just heat tubing up and add a drop of oil to it....slips right on and no need for clamps as well. You pretty much need a razor knife to remove it however.
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