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Default Throttle Assembly HD from Sick Bick Parts

My original throttle tube broke the first time I put it on my bike. The catch for the cable pulled through, that plastic is cheap what do they mix it with sand?! I've been using a brake caliper for my throttle, which has worked decently well, it just didn't feel quite like the real deal. I was looking for some kind of high quality throttle tube replacement, originally I wanted it to work with the existing housing and kill switch, but you guys and your general wisdom convinced me to go ditch it and go minimal.

No reviews here on the HD throttle, so I thought I might as well start a thread.

Here's the link to the product, its 21 dollars, only about 5 dollars more than most replacement throttles I've seen.
Sick Bike Parts

SBP shipped quick as lightning, though I understand thats the norm with those guys, I had computer ordering issues they helped me with over the phone. So I'm another happy customer.

The thing is all metal, looks beautifully made. Nice fasteners on it. And there's the cool plexi window to see the pulley working smoothly. I don't even have grips for it yet, but its such an upgrade. For such an primary control, it seems like a no brainer to splurge for something this nice. Plus this is fun, it appears to be a clone of this popular control for scooters - slight price difference though

Anyway, super excited about it. Makes the riding experience that much cooler.

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