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Default re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

Originally Posted by Long Haul Trucker View Post
I have a few tips I would like to pass along and a question at the end.

1.) Put your name and address or phone # on a small piece of paper and roll it up and drop it into the seat post in case its ever stolen.

2.) use an LED flashlight mounted with hose clamps for head light. the dollar store sells them for a dollar.

3.) use a milk crate for a repair stand.

4.) use aluminum water bottle in a bottle cage to carry either small amount of oil and gas mix to get you to a gas station or to hold your oil ( there is a drink here in USA called NOS) makes a great oil container after cleaning it out. (looks cool too)

5.) Duct tape stuck to inside of tires couple times helps prevent flats (sticky side towards tire non-sticky side next to tube)

6.) Sand or dirt inside handle bars cuts down on vibrations

now for my questions

1.) whats the best lock to use to prevent theft?
2.) is 4 oz of oil to 1 gal of gas enough
3.) is there an estimate as to how many miles I can get out of a properly maintained motor.

I use the 6-foot case-hardened FUGGETABOUTIT chain. It's expensive but heavily discounted at

The chain weighs 12lbs, and used for mopeds and motorcycles. I carry it Rambo-style, like a bandolier. An opportunistic thief won't mess with your bike.

2. I place a length of 2 X 4 wood under my 2-legged bike stand for repairs.
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