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Default Re: Need some basic info.

Originally Posted by ReallyOldGuy View Post
Hello: Am completely new to motorized bike. Have ordered my first kit...expecting it to arrive Monday. It is a center mount, with a rear wheel, chain drive to a separate sprocket. I am thinking of converting my old Trek Mountain bike. My very basic knowledge of engineering forces me to ask the question. Except when pedaling, what effect does the multi gears have when using the engine? The reason I ask, is that I might want to opt for a more comfortable Cruiser bike instead.
Know this is a dumb question, but I am advanced in age and it has been a really long time since I was in school.

Appreciate any advice.
Old is just a state of mind!Welcome.I built a motorized Trek mountain bike.the rear cables ran over the top of the top tube.I just built a little bridge over the cables with a piece of exhaust pipe split length wise and tacked it to the frame.
It is easier to build one using a cruiser thou.
If you are like most of us use that one as a learning platform.Then sell it and build a better one.
I'm on #20 and counting and I've only been doing it for a year!
P.S.I'm an old fart too.I have underwear older than most of these guys!!
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