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Default Re: Fuel filters

Heck, if you are looking for better fuel filtering, pull your tank filter out if has one, carb too, and then just take your gas line with you to your local auto parts store.

Something you see into helps.

I don't know how these $5 to $10 filters on-line only cost that much delivered unless they are part of a much larger order that covers shipping because just shipping a single item like a fuel filter is $5-$10.

What I have helpful regarding when I need just one part from places like SickBikes or GasBikes is go ahead and buy those little items I am likely to need in the future as well.

This only works if you build more than 1 bike of course, but it has payed off in spades for me so far.

I may get laughed at for this too, but I just use premium gas from Exxon and Mobil for my MB's.
I know the extra octane does nothing, but it is always nice clean gas with some nice additive like Tekron and less Ethanol junk in it.

In short, unless you are in habit of leaving you gas cap off to let dirt in a simple filter and good fuel should do you just fine.
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