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Default Re: reduced tire size

The worksman wheels use a CB-110/110E Hub.

The worksman sprocket adapter bolt circle is larger to allow clearance for the heavy gauge spokes. If your wheel does not have heavy gauge spokes, the larger bolt circle adapter that IS in-stock, will work fine.

The only reason I offer two different bolt circle adapters is cost. The larger adapters cost a few dollars more, (from a manufacturing standpoint), than the standard ones; for obvious reasons.

The worksman sprocket adapters that are currently in-stock will work with all of these hubs:

Micargi 36 spoke
Falcon CFE-10

And many others, as the Shimano CB-110 hub is often copied.

My sprocket adapter/sprocket combo does NOT cause a misalignment of the sprockets. In fact this could not be farther from the truth. The sprockets that I manufacture are correctly matched to the 415 chain. They are also properly beveled, which eliminates the risk of the chain trying to ride on top of the teeth, (a common problem with the kit supplied sprockets).

By using one of my sprocket adapters, the builder can position the chain away from the tire without any Ill effects.

You don't have to take my word for it...just ask any, one, of the hundreds of satisfied customers!

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