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Default Re: reduced tire size

Originally Posted by r00t4rd3d View Post
MM sprocket adapters are available at Pirate Cycles now. This would be the super easy way , you can simply add washers to make it perfect. Gotta spend 50+ bucks though. Worthy investment in my book if your going to be in motorized bicycle for awhile.

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You can always try and flip the sprocket too and see if it clears everything. It will clear the tire that way for sure but it might hit your brake arm/frame or put your chain out of alignment.

Read again.... Worksman adapters now in stock. Next week cylinder heads. Following those Occ adapters, Modus Adapters, Regular CB-110 adapters. Then Intakes. Once stocked up we will try our hardest to keep these items in stock. We realize a part that works that is not in stock don't work.

Doesn't sound like they are there yet.
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