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I got the tank mounted. I cut the studs short and used plumbers strapping from stud to stud.
I had the whole bike together and got it running but I couldn't get that damn rag joint perfect. I threw the chain a couple and ruined it. I gave up on the rag joint and ordered one of the Manic Mechanics spocket adapters and a 415 chain.

Now the rear hub is giving me problems. I'd rode the bike a couple miles and it had play in it. I tightened it and 5 miles later it was loose again. I took it apart and the retainer on the left side was busted into many pieces and bearings had fallen out. It's a CB 110 copy. I ordered some replacement bearings (bag of 144 for 6.99) and figured I'd put twice as many bearings since there's no retainer. Twice the surface area=less wear.
I curious as to what caused this problem in the first place though. There's no noticeable wear other than a broken retainer. The other 2 sets of bearings were fine. I'm wondering if it's just a ****ty hub and I shouldn't just start over with a genuine shimano.

Any tips would be greatly appriciated.
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