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Default Re: Alot Of Help Needed!!! Need Experts

Please listen to the advice offered by GearNut. Keep in mind that these are simple little 2 stroke engines designed to power a motorized bicycle. The key word here is 'bicycle'. They are not motorcycles and the 25/30 mph range is a safe speed for them. Performance modifications, as in the automotive world, can and will produce some gains in horsepower and potentially, speed, but you have to factor in that the platform is still a bicycle which has built in limitations to just how fast it can go and retain some degree of safety. I've said this many times here and I'll say it again. If you want speed and to keep up with traffic...go buy a motorcycle. Let me repeat...these are motorized bicycles. Ram air induction, boost bottles, NOS and all the rest are simply a waste of time and money. Fun, maybe to experiment with but the bottom line is that you'll end up with a bicycle...not a motorcycle. Go have fun, ride safe and be content with the fact that you don't have to pedal.
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