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Default Re: The 'Truck Vice' for Tailpipe Bending

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
Do you have a piece of fence pipe or something you could use to slip over the muffler as a cheater? Wrap the muffler in a rag or news paper first to help prevent scratches if ya want to.
Actually I was thinking along the very same lines gearNut.
Just a long handle to slip over the pipe and I am thing a 6' 2x4 with just a little screwed together box on the business end to slip over the pipe a good foot.

I have wood working tools, and wood would (like that? wood would?) solve all the scaring problems, it gives before metal, but only so much ;-)

Maybe next time, I don't need it today, just something I figure I could make to 'enhance' the joke of a vice I am starting with. Total redneck, but sometimes knowing how to Redneck something in a pinch is actually a good thing to know how to do in my book.

I learned from some real pros at it back when I was I teen working for my dads roofing company.
It didn't matter what broke, it had to be fixed on site with what you had on hand right there and then.
I could type for hours and bore you to death with my stories from those days, but suffice it to say that the real lesson I learned form that whole experience can be summed up in one word.

I learned Ingenuity way back then and have used it in my every day life ever since.
It really should be taught in schools and be as important as Math.

Ingenuity 101 taught by Redneck pros.
Ingenuity 102 taught by someone like me and couple of other guys here just to name a few.
That is the part most 'rednecks' don't get past, that being the line between taking the Fix to a real permanent Solution.

The bottom line to me is you are either an ingenious man, or you are not.
Any man is capable of becoming one, it is just difficult to try to learn what it means in a book or the net.
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