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Default Re: Tanaka 32cc Nitromethane Experiment


I just did a run out to see my grandmother - 22 miles round trip - to take my mind off things and try and cheer myself up.

I had noticed a few performance differences at first - but the difference now is amazing...

Distance: 21.1 miles (34.1km)
Max speed: 37.53mph
Average speed: 25.48mph
time : 50 minutes

This is an average of out and back - the max speed even downhill I have seen before is 35mph and the average speed is up by 3.5mph on the same journey.

While I had a tailwind on the way out, i was fighting a headwind on the way back and even in those conditions in 'racing trim' I was running between 27-30mph - before the bike would have been fighting to hit 26mph. The temperature is somewhere around 18 degrees centigrade.

The ONLY changes I have made are 2% or so nitromethane fuel and I have also purchased a riding hat/helmet for safety reasons and because I have people depending on me and my continued good health.

With tailwind - on a very slight upward grade I was hitting 36mph flat out at one point....!

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