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Default Re: Strengenthing my new cruiser

I've seen the hokey finagling that folks use to mount motors on fat, oval, or tapered tubing. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but it's not cool.

The forks on those two cruisers came from mountain bikes. Thus they accommodate strong rim and hub brakes. But for the price of a new Surly fork and a disc brake setup to upgrade a Wal-cruiser, you could buy a complete old MTB, get good brakes included, and have an easier time setting up the motor mounts, racks, fenders, etc. And it would be stronger and lighter than a cruiser.

Not every cruiser is unsuitable for an motorized bicycle conversion, just like there are a lot of mountain bikes that aren't cut out for being MBs. But most of the junky cantilever frame bikes that people pick as platforms for their motor kits are problematic and crude.

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