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Wink Re: Strengenthing my new cruiser

Originally Posted by Chalo View Post

To be frank, I'm not clear why people so often choose a coaster brake cruiser for a motorized bicycle conversion. Those bikes are heavy, weak for how heavy they are, complicated to mount things on, and crowded inside the front triangle. They usually lack hardpoints for racks and accessories. They limit the choice of drivetrain options. They usually don't come with decent rim brakes (or any at all), and then the typical motorized bicycle kit makes it likely that the builder will mess up the coaster brake.

Much, much better would be an old pre-suspension mountain bike like this one:

That frame has strong, modest diameter straight round tubing, lots of space inside the frame, lots of space between the rear wheel and seat tube, capable brakes, wide range gearing, and plenty of braze-ons and bosses to mount things upon. Good solid used examples of this sort of bike are not even expensive.

But I guess because Whizzer used a goofy heavy cruiser as the platform for their motor kit sixty years ago, that's what everybody feels like they have to use now? I don't get it. Whizzer didn't have very many suitable bikes to choose from. We do. Why don't y'all use them?


I think?
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