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Default Tips for newbie? Also, stripped thread question.

I just got my first project off the ground! Yay!
I have many questions, tho, and I have some stripped threads.
On my gas tank, the two bolts on the left are stripped. What is a good way to overcome this? I tried to duct tape the tank, but it would just spin over anyway. The two on the right side work fine, so the tank spins over! lol. At any rate, i have twine to keep it from spinning, but, isn't there some kind of mini clamp or something? Even glue would beat this goofy setup!

2. I haven't greased anything. I read on my BGF instructions to put 'molly' grease on something. Molly Grease? Whats that? In addition, what all should I grease, since I have less than 3 miles on my new setup?

3. Also, I have read on other threads here that the 16-1 ratio is nutty, and to go with 24 or 32 to 1, is that correct? So, if I want this kind of oil, where do I get it now? I'm thinking that Walmart will no longer stock 2 cycle oil since it's off season for lawnmowing now (around here, at least.)

4. Can Opti-2 really use a 1 ounce to 100 ounce ration? In short, 1 ounce per gallon?

5. Will I have to adhere to the 15 mph breakin speed for the first 300 miles? That's fine, but I want to know just in case!

6. If I have trouble with an engine, where can I get parts, if I don't have a motored bike shop around? I doubt there's one here in OKC, per se, so, I am curious if a lawnmower repair, or motorcycle shop would have this kind of thing....or, am I overlooking the obvious?

7. That's it for now!

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