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Default Re: A new shift concept for the engineers....

Right, so if you put on the SA s3x flipped so it drives on the left and put on a 36 or 40 tooth for example, that would be your highest gear or 1:1 on the 3 speed fixie (in third gear would be like having a 40 tooth connected directly to your motor). I think I got that...

What do you do with the pedal side? you'd need to be able to put a gear with a freewheel on the right ALSO, correct? I'm new to this and trying to understand...would that be hard to do?

OK, so say you got that all worked out. I read earlier that someone is convinced that the SA 3 speed would not hold up? Regular bike parts seem to hold up on the SBP shift kits. I guess that's due to some gear reduction on the jack shaft?
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