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Default Re: My motor is making a clanking sound

I made a double post of this thread on accident, and now the other post got deleted. But here is what happened.

Originally Posted by athletichunta View Post
My motor seized About 5 minutes ago I think. The pull start is completely locked.

The person that is (Physic) Y did you delete your post about the 4 ounces of oil?, did you mean 8?, because I think you might have just cost me a motor. your first post!

4oz. of oil was recommended by more than one person and that IS approx. what the recommended capacity of this motor is! Any more questions???

EDIT: Let me clarify, in your first post (of multiple posts) in this thread you said you put 20ozs. of oil in your engine. For 1; I seriously doubt 20 ozs. would even fit in this engine. 2; you drained it and ran with no oil in it. 3; advice has been givin to you, but you fail to adhear to any of it. 4; It sounds like you bought a bad motor to begin with and you continue too make it worse. 5; no one is responsible for ruining your already broken motor but you.
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