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Default No knowledge, but that doesn't stop me.

Well, hello everyone! New member here, and I know next to nothing. As soon as I saw a video, I knew I had to have one for a cheap, legal way to school and to friend's houses. Here comes the problem: I'm 14, and in Ohio. So with Ohio's bass ackward moped laws, I'm not in a good spot. I can't think of any exploitable laws or loopholes, but I DO live out in the country, in a small, SMALL town, so I think the only way would be to either A) hope I don't get pulled over, B) convince police to let me pass, which will NOT happen, or C) play the part of the dumb teenager and act like I didn't know they were illegal. I can't register my hypothetical MAB, since it's not on the list of approved mopeds. I'll probably just hope I don't get pulled over and stick to the country roads. Anyways, glad I found this website, and I hope to get along with everyone here.
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