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Default Re: waiting on my engine

Then you may find these of interest;

JE Performance Electronic Ignition and Supercharging Blog Basic Principles in SuperCharging: A Go Kart With More Bolt On Power Blog Getting More Umph Out of Your SuperCharger Set Up

Some examples;

Honda CD50 engine in modified Fantic Caballero frame & the Aisin AMR300.

Engelbert Sczygiol designed supercharger for a 50cc two-stroke (1965)

Images from: the bikes

Superchargers small enough to be suited for 50cc engines are rare and far between. You can use a too large charger, but results will not be good.
You have to turn the charger at a lower speed than the engine itself, by reducing the driveratio, sometimes as much as 4:1!

The smog pump - cheap and plentiful. Used on automobile engines since late sixties.
The Aisin AMR300. From Subaru Kei- car - 660cc supercharged citycar.
The KF Max10- 25. American aftermarket blower.
The Hansen V12. Made especially for supercharging Kart- engines from 5- 20hp.
The Busch - used on the Peugeot 125cc Jetforce and Satelis scooters.
from: Supercharging small engines

Keep us informed if you decide to take that plunge into madness

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