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Default Re: My motor is making a clanking sound

Sure, but Pics of what?.

Well at first I put 20 oz of oil into the engine and ran it for about 3 minutes, then I later dumped it out when it stopped starting, I ran it less than 25 seconds total without any oil in it just to see if that fixed the none starting problem, it did, but the broken clutch switch vibrated to the right and stopped it from starting again, I didn't realize until the day after. From here I put the recommended 4oz of oil in it and rode it around for 2 days totaling about 50 miles, that's When the motor died. I drained the oil out of it and it was all black and smelt terrible. Also around 42 miles of riding something on the motor started blowing warm air out of the left side onto my leg.

O and its confusing.. I did fix the loss of power thing, it was the kill switches wiring, nothing to do with the motor, Sorry I forgot to mention that.

This is not to mention the slight clanking sound when I pulled the pullstart. I didn't think much of it as it was still running perfectly and it didn't make any sound while It was on.

What I think broke it was the 4oz of oil in it, because the smell of the motor was putrid right after it broke. I know it wasn't the smell of gas, so it must have been the oil.. What els could it have been?.

So just a Heads up to anyone that has this motor, I recommend to put 8.4oz of oil in it, never 4 or els it will be fried within 50 miles. I'm not pointing fingers, im just saying..

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