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Angry Re: I think the kit I bought came with oil already in it, i didnt know, now its broke

Originally Posted by athletichunta View Post
I put in 20 ounces of oil in it and it idled very low but would turn off unless I throttled it. Then after awhile just stopped turning on all together.

I took the oil cap off and as soon as I did the oil spewed out of it everywhere, after that it worked a little bit, but still lost power, then returned to not turning on shortly after.

I turned the bike over and let it all run out (the oil), now it turns on with normal power, only left it on for a few seconds, but when I let it sit over night it now no longer turns on anymore..

I cleaned the spark plug and it didn't do anything, what should I do, get more oil?, or is my engine shot? /: .. Hellp thanks
You couldn't put 20 ozs. of oil in the engine, even if you stood the bike up like this!
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