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Wink Re: Some improvements on my daily ride...

Originally Posted by fairracing31 View Post
Man I am always being asked about classes. I have spoken to Roland about it and he said it was all up to use racers. Right now its just a outlaw rebel kind of thing and race what you got.

I should start a thread about it to get some input. There are some guys out there that call me a cheater. What got me was this one guy who called me a cheater was lapped twice buy a China motor? he was not even anywhere close to the front so was the Blue Fox who lapped him twice cheating? Don't rag on us cause we take it more seriously then others and spend months practicing and preparing for the race. It's a giving fact that Foureasy is at the top when it comes to HP, I wish he would spend a little more track time so he can improve. My bike wont touch his if he hits the corners right. I wont be top dog forever, I have been paying attention to whats going on and there might be some bikes showing up that I cant even keep up with. But you wont hear me crying like a baby that they are cheating.

I think we all need to get together and decide do we want a well organized races with rules and classes? I know Spooky Tooth does not have the time to do this so it's up to us, and who is gonna take on this responsibility?
Yeah, believe me fair, I know exactly what you're sayin here. If my automobile wasn't out of comission at the time, I was definetly gonna be at the last deathrace. And pretty much knowing what too expect, was probably gonna opt for my 4-stroke, just for fun. If I brought the 2-stroke, it would be on a more serious note. And I'm certainly not the guy who enters an OPEN class race and call's anybody a cheater....that's just (basically) wrong!!! Looks like it's time to dust off that old CR500 motor that's just sittin it the garage...hehe. J/K!

Seriously though, I'd like to make it to any events (and as many) as possible...believe me. Was gonna start a post on the forum as well too see if people were interested in having a somewhat structured race regarding classes and such. I do love racing! Now if only California would drop off into the sea, I'd be alot closer to the track!

Cheers bro, keep me posted.
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