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Angry Re: I think the kit I bought came with oil already in it, i didnt know, now its broke

Originally Posted by athletichunta View Post
My motor seized About 5 minutes ago I think. The pull start is completely locked.

The person that is (Physic) Y did you delete your post about the 4 ounces of oil?, did you mean 8?, because I think you might have just cost me a motor. your first post!

EDIT: Let me clarify, in your first post (of multiple posts) in this thread you said you put 20ozs. of oil in your engine. For 1; I seriously doubt 20 ozs. would even fit in this engine. 2; you drained it and ran with no oil in it. 3; advice has been givin to you, but you fail to adhear to any of it. 4; It sounds like you bought a bad motor to begin with and you continue too make it worse. 5; no one is responsible for ruining your already broken motor but you.

4oz. of oil was recommended by more than one person and that IS approx. what the recommended capacity of this motor is! Any more questions???
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