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Wink Re: Some improvements on my daily ride...

Originally Posted by fairracing31 View Post
Next year? We should be racing this October, then again in January if everything goes correctly. I know P1 would like for us to have at least monthly races, but I just don't see enough riders interested.

Pink Slips? Nah you don't want to do that...
That is great to in October! Please keep us (me) posted on any upcoming events like this, would love to join ya. Any thought of separating classes, say like 2-stroke/4-stroke?

And yeah, I'd hate to just give you my 30mph cruiser by being blown away by a 40+mph rocket, hehe!

Nice work Scotto! I like your fuel tank arrangement and that Surly fork. I'm also gonna keep an eye peeled for a sprocket like you found to use as an idler wheel on the chain tensioner. Great innovation there for sure. How's the 4 stroke run for you? Tyreslider's little 4's seem to get going pretty good, I'd wager he's getting 40mph or so out of his latest build on a Worksman Newsboy.

I also have a Puch moped exhaust similar in shape and dimensions to your Pug muffler there, it's going on my wife's Grubee Skyhawk build on an old JC Higgins. That bike is just cute as a button, can't wait to finish it and show it to you all.
Thanks Steve, that's just an 11t freewheel drive sprocket from a 4G kit with the pawls removed so it spins freely both ways. And this little 4-stroke runs like a CHAMP....I ride it everyday and love it!

And yes that Puch pipe is nearly identical, it should work great on the Skyhawk as well as look great on the JC. Cheers, can't wait to see the pics!
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