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Talking New to motorized bikes, not new to bikes

I am new to motorized bikes. I am 60 years young. Did a couple of triathlons 12 years ago. Had cancer and got off the bike for a while. Thought I would try the engine. Put the engine on my Giant Inova myself. Am very proud of myself. I guess I am still in the break-in period. Have used about 2 tanks of gas. Cycle computer doesn't work with the engine so don't know how far I have ridden. It makes me real nervous going up the hill I have to travel going home. I just pedal like crazy. Anyone have any thoughts on this. Bike seems to be fine. Just loses power toward the top. Is it normal for the chain to make a lot of noise? Engine sounds good. Wish there was someone else in this little town who rides (they don't even ride bikes, period).
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