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Default Re: Not working on a motorized bike.

You know there's some great scooter clubs and communities around don't you? I mean, there's really a whole world of scooter tech out there that's really specific to them that you won't readily be able to access from here. I ride mopeds as well as MB's, and for Moped conversation and tuning (much of which involves variator tech, and clutches and transmissions which are absent on our MB's) I stick with Moped Army. For Scooters, things are really varied and specific, many of the motors are very high performance for their size, and between the different varieties of transmissions, wheel sizes, engine displacements, aftermarket parts and manufacturers, I would think you would want a scooter specific forum for that kind of info.. and scooter-forums radio

Scoot Forum • Index page

Last, and this is no dig on the many really sharp members of this community- Scooter riders and tuners are some of the most knowledgeable two stroke tuners around. We have some great members here who really know their stuff and can help almost anyone make their machines work better, but I'd wager most of these guru's are in fact, also motorcycle or scooter guys who just so happen to like MB's too...

Nevertheless, I too welcome you to stick around, and really, I LOVE my motorized bicycle so much that no matter what else I ride and what else I keep or sell, I keep a motor bike around because it's such a hoot, and turns more heads than my motorcycles and mopeds by a longshot. Maybe if you spend some time around here you'll be inspired to slap together a bike and see what it's all about. If nothing else, it's a really fun thing to tune, ride, and keep in the garage for when your scooter is down for repairs or upgrades.

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