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Default Currently down, need some advice...

Okay, so my bike has been down for a few months now (during peak riding season...) because I haven't really had time to fix it. It has a problem that is all too common and has happened to me 4 times, a motor mount bolt has busted off clean into the engine block. The other three times it was the front mount. They came out easy enough by dremmeling a slot and using a screwdriver. This is the first time that a rear mounting bolt has broken for me. It would be easy to get to except that I have a shift kit, so a lot of things have to come off first (and possibly the motor, which is a lot of work on a bike like mine)

So my big question is, does anyone know where I (we) can get some strong, hardened, bolts that won't snap off? The local hardware stores only carry grade 8 (hardened steel) bolts in standard sizes, nobody seems to carry hardened metric bolts, especially not that small.

Any ideas?
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