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Default Re: 2 the guy who is up his own

To clarify...

This thread was "undeleted" so people could see both sides of the debate regarding business practices as well as our policy regarding such.

I would like to remind folks of a few small details - first and by far most important is that the contents of this thread includes both those that are displeased with MM's practices as well as those that appreciate them - so any bias beyond that is simply perception. I think it in it's entirety a pretty good, clear & unbiased example of the controversy surrounding this subject.

Ironically we stand accused of both simultaneously persecuting and protecting MM - when in fact we're simply enforcing our rules regardless of "sides". We let this thread run to show that not only does MM have his detractors but fans as well - and yet both seem to have grave difficulty posting in a mature and responsible fashion & it's for that reason alone we pull those threads started in hate, posts that provide no more than perpetuating conflict.

Some seem to be having some small difficulty in recognizing the difference between personal opinion and site policy, mistaking the recommendations & warnings of an individual for general forum procedure. Those warnings are not for inciting conflict - they're to warn you of potential problems in the interest of protecting you from disappointment.

So while some may feel persecuted, it is in fact a situation of their own making. The following is the only true source of the discontent, all else is a symptom, not the cause;

Originally Posted by Pirate Cycles
Having these parts readily available to the public has been our goal since the beginning without success. Item availability depends on the manufacturer and their turn around time.

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