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Wink Re: Chain Tensioner Slippage Prevention

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
These aren't motorcycles...they're motorized bicycles. There are many of us who run a tensioner and have no issues with them. Installed and aligned correctly they work. Install them wrong and you have problems. Its that simple. Done right, a tensioner will eliminate some of the problems newbies have with chain alignment and the issues it causes. If the chain is aligned correctly, the tensioner wheel aligned correctly and the chain tension is maintained correctly there is no real advantage to running without a tensioner. No you don't gain power. No, the bike doesn't run smoother. If the tensioner drags and is noisy and causes problems you'd better check your installation. The key words here are, "Installed Correctly".
This is true..... and sometimes I'll run no tensioner...sometimes I'll run one, usually on the non-powered side. But then other times I'll run two, one on each side. No big deal really....would anyone like to see some pics? OK then.

As Tom said: Installed Correctly....and I'll just add: especially with a toothed sealed bearing low friction pulley, or none.
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