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Default Re: Ask a specific question

I'm going to post a (down and dirty emergency cable end )how to in the next few minutes. I'll start a new post with pictures, I made it out of thing most guys will have in their shop and the only special tools is a tap and a #36 drill bit all done on a vice. I used a 1/4" bolt as well nothing fancy. The problem with using a repair like this is if the cable end pulled out or the cable came apart you will need to carry wire cutters to trim up the shredded cable end and then you might not have enough cable option is to carry a length of cable to use. I would carry a cable with a molded end and not mess with the end I made as to many small things to loose but sometimes this end might come in handy. A guy can also skip the threading part and silver solder the end onto the cable skipping all the other stuff.
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