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Default Re: bike doent start ever time i pop clutch

This just happened to me and i almost threw the bike out.

Do the following:

1. Open clutch and remove each pad

2. clean each side of pad and slots they go into, MAKING SURE TO DRY OUT ALL THE WAY!!!

3. put back in and tighten the flower nut.
-engage the throttle so the handle is not squeezed in
-push in the clutch plate and tighten the flower nut so it is snug
-then loosen it half a turn and put in the locking screw
-all clutches are different so if it is still sliding, engage the clutch and tighten the flower nut one notch at a time and test after each one to find sweet spot.

4. keep engaging and disengaging the clutch while riding, keeping it engaged for 5 seconds at a time. the clutch plate will melt through the pads until the pads have a good surface to stick to the plate.
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