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Default Re: Chain Tensioner Slippage Prevention

Originally Posted by Al.Fisherman View Post
There is no requirement for a chain tensioner if you can get both chains within tolerances.
This is not mine (I built it) but the same frame and set up.....
So one of the chains needs a tensioners...

OK, you have two chains you can't match, one has to be longer than the other and require a tensioner.

Which chain do you put the tensioner on?
The one that is in constant motion when the wheel turns? Or the one that sits idle 95% of the time?

The obnoxious hunk of metal and plastic tensioner in the kit will work on the right side too.
But you can also get something considerably less obtrusive for the seldom used pedal side too like this one.

Note the drive chain that is in motion 100% of the time the bike is motion again has no tensioner.
Even during that 5% of the time you spend coaster braking and pedal starting, the drive chain is still in motion.

I know I seem to come across as some sort chain thumping Evangelist against drive side tensioners, maybe I am, but I am no 'Chain Fearing' man (hehe, pun intended) , I just keep making the point that if you are forced to use a tensioner for any other reason than routing the drive chain, put it on the pedal side.
It becomes a non-issue then.

And so I repeat...
If tensioners were a good thing on motorized vehicles, all motorcycles would have them.
'nuff said until the next exact same topic? hehehe.
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