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Default Re: Aluminum or Steel? Which do you prefer?

Originally Posted by Cafe Racer View Post
Do you have a picture of the final install? I am curious as to how the motor sits. I am dealing with an oversized tube installation.
It is far from final but here is how the motor sits mounted with the chains on.

It needs more work obviously, but the motor is pretty level and there is just enough for the air cleaner to fit on too, and as you can see by the front tube, there isn't much if any frame strength compromise.
Certainly less than a drilled hole and singe shaft with lateral force on the hole.

"I'd be comfy recommending it instead of an oversized mount"

Well, I think what we nice would a different version of the second front bottom U block I used.
If the first one could bolt to it with standard studs, and it was larger with it's own studs that were wider and fit the tube that would be ideal.
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