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Default Re: Hello from Ireland

Colly, have you thought of using some already mass produced and imported engine? The import fees are crazy huge. Just a thought. I tried to set up a woman in Dublin and the cost was insane. You could buy a leaf blower engine, rag joint and thumb throttle for half what importing a china girl will cost ya The mount can be made with flat stock and a drill press.

I love talking to cops here. They mostly smile and say whats it do 10 15 MPH When I tell em 30 or 35 they look shocked. Do rite and don't ride silly, no one will bother a MBer. I prolly should not say that but before the laws changed here, I never had a problem. But I like cops and always wave or smile. Every one who ever arrested me was good folk. Long and funny stories so I digress. Did I mention I am of Irish decent? That my parents were married but not to each other? That our family coat of arms says one generation was made the Garlick version of dukes and the next did so bad the king of Irland took it away? lol, think that was why Granpa took the boat. He hated it and got put on another for the South pacific. Every generation in my family does well and the next, not so much. I was born to the "not so much" But is fun.
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