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Default Re: Any clean 2-strokes?

For a two stroke to run "clean" it's mostly a matter of just running well, properly tuned and maintained w/o an excessive oil/fuel mix.

I've often said that a motor mildly built for performance (ie not NOS or hi-comp mods) will be more reliable not less and get greater efficiency as well. I can't help but think that work-arounds such as catalytic converters on two strokes were conceived by those with more an interest in appeasing the ignorant than any actual, functional first hand engine experience.

A poorly running engine pollutes far more than any performance motor contingent on only one variable - the operators restraint, not flying around at WOT all the time lol

Along those lines, 'Top Gear' did a very interesting (if admittedly biased) study of a BMW M3 against the much touted Prius, thought ya'll may find it interesting: YouTube - Prius More Environmentally Damaging Than BMW M3
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