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Wink Re: The As Promised Picture

Originally Posted by Jim C View Post
Answer to a couple of your questions
The rack on the back is for a battery pack. I had an electric motor on this bike for a while
The Miata is mine I have no wife.
I did restore the Miata from a wreck. It is blue and has silver racing stripes so the color is close to the bikes. I have installed a roll bar, kick ass Sony stero with infinity speakers and a hard wired XM radio, restored the leather, tweaked the engine just a bit, tweaked the suspension just a bit, mounted some very sticky Bridgstone rubber. I think this is a way cool car.
The bike is coming along I got a weird thing going on with the speedo, it works untill I start the bike then it quits. I have to go through the whole resetting procedure then it quits again very strange. I think I need a speedo.

Jim C
If worse comes to worse with speedo woes, you could always use a GPS....they're a bit spendy but fairly accurate. I recommend the Garmin's and second pref would be the Magellan hand held w/bike mount.
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