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Default Re: Flatless Tires or tubes ????

I find it much easier to mount the NMF tire then the NMF tube. The NMF tube took at least 15-20 minutes each tube. The tire took like 6 minutes each tire.

I went for a 15 mile ride this morning with the NMF tire's. It did very well, plenty of traction on and off road. Did not feel the tire "fold" like it was going to fold off the wheel.

Did not have that flat tire feeling as much as I did with just the front tire on. And had no squirrelly feeling.

So far I'm liking it...I'm using a 26X2.00 on my motorized bicycle. The NMF tire is a 26X2.00 but is much smaller. If I were to use the NMF on my motorized bike I would want a bigger tire, and more of a "street" tread.

I'm going to get some mile's and time on the NMF tire before I decide to get some for my motorized bicycle. But as of right now they seem like they would work just great on a motorized bicycle.
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