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Default Bicycle question..

Okay so I cobble bikes from other bikes.

The big fat mountain bike is gone, well most of it some parts live on. So that brings up this question.

I bought a nice 26" cruiser previously the new electo, but I decided to get it ready for gas. The front wheel wobbled, the spokes were loose I'm sure but I had this really good wheel and tire from the fat a**sed mtb. So I just switched it.

The cruiser had a 1.75 tire, the fa mtb had a 2.125 tire. So now the bike has a skinny rear tire and a fat front tire. I saved the tire and tube from the rear of the fa mtb. I am going to switch them next week. My question is, should I switch the tubes as well since I'm sure it's a skinny tube.

Or can I just change out the tire and leave the tube alone. reason i ask is I know the tube in the skinny wheel is good, seems the fa tube leaked once upon a time. It doesn't seem to now but I don't want to take that wheel off and on too many times.

So will the 175 tube stretch enough or do I need to just pull it and save it for the tire if I use it somewhere else later.
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