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Default Re: Hello, new to building

First of all I think you need to remove a couple links from the drive chain to shorten it up and move that tentioner towards the engine. That looks way to loose.

The best thing to do for the rubbing against the fender is either cut out a small spot where is hits, or trim a couple inches off the whole fender so it sits a little higher up the front of the back wheel.

Thats what I ended up doin, and it worked fine. The only thing you need to be carfule of is not trimming the fender to short or you will get water all over your legs and engine.....

Now for the rubbing on the frame...... I can't see where it is rubbing, try and post a better pic

And, the spring that you have on your clutch cable goes on the clutch cable, but right next to the engine( on the other side of the little metal tab that your spring its touching now...) and keeps the cable from touching the engine, or getting melted

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