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Default Re: Chain Tensioner Slippage Prevention

KC- It's not so much an issue of frame design as jut the usual chain stretch we all experience with a new chain as it wears in. In my particular situation, riding on average of about 275-300 miles per week, the tensioner is a quicker and easier option than breaking the chain down at every turn to take out full links or putting in half links with a high degree of frequency. But as to your specific question the frame that I'm running right now is a basic Specialized Rockhopper Sport 21 speed.

Typically when starting with a new chain I'll find myself adjusting the tension a couple of times a day the first few days depending on the mileage I'm running and of course beyond that it gets down to a once a day and eventually a once every couple of days deal to adjust the tension.
Ron in Westy
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