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Default Re: Chain Tensioner Slippage Prevention

2 Door, your advise is well taken, however for those with less experience and or lesser equipped the permanent solutions can be a less than ideal option. Personally I'm loath to drill frames having had the experience of a broken frame as a result of drilling and as far as welding, that can weaken the areas around the weld too. Still your recommendations are sound but for me my current engine/kit is now mounted on its third frame in part because of frame breakage and in part due to my simple desire to try out a frame that 'sits' a bit differently. My experience with the rubber/fiber gasket material has been somewhat different from what you describe, the biggest issue I've run into where motor mounting is concerned is that after about 1,000 to 1,500 mile of riding there is enough where on the gasket material to require replacing it. Where the chain tensioner is concerned it just plain works dandy. So, no bubbles burst here but my horizons are broadened.
Ron in Westy
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