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Default Re: 2 vs. 4 Stroke...

LOL Scotto. I couldn't agree more. I forget who said it but "We need a 2.5 stroke" I love the smooth, power, speed and easy of my 4 smokers. I love the slim light an' dang sexy looks of my 2 strokes. This must be confusing to new folks but the real deal is they both have +'s and minuses. They both turn the rear wheel and do their job. This comes up over and over but the bottom line is what will you or do you enjoy the most. For me, it is the motorized bicycle I am on. The 4 banger is more cost efficient in the long run. Sound is more pleasant to most folks and climbs better and goes faster then a China girl. A china girl engine can be swapped out for half or a third the cost and is simple to fix. Throw a high end 2 stroke in and every thing changes. Has all been said over and over and not saying I don't enjoy this conversation. Saying if one finds some thing they are happy with, God bless. Talking about motorized bicycles here. Nothing terribly important. (please note I often get off mine, shut her down and say "I love you" But I got the coolest motorized bicycle on Mother Earth. Nanananna)
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