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Default Re: A new shift concept for the engineers....

I'm still working on my previous idea of a left-hand cassette that slides in and out on splines on the rear hub, with a stationary tensioner lined up with the engine. The design of the tensioner will be everything because it will guide the chain onto the other drive sprocket as gear is changed and as the former sprocket is slid out from beneath it. The rear wheel, as stated before, will need to be pretty flat on that side - but so are all such rear wheels on bicycles with multi-speed cassettes. I believe this is not only do-able but it can be made sturdier than an internally geared hub, if a bit bulky as a result.
I've actually gotten serious enough to put pencil to paper and sketch a bit. Who nows how long before/if I come up with something workable. But it may still be cost prohibitive enough to make that we may as well not bother. Too early to know, but time will tell.

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