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Default Re: Texas Legal MB Club


You wrote:

When I lived in AZ, there were a lot of organized events like the Spookytooth death race and Saturday morning group rides, but I never saw a legal, non-profit club.
Though Texas is a huge place, members could participate in events at their nearest major city.
I support the formation of such a club.

Thanks for documenting your support, if your in Texas or for that matter anywhere it would be your club if you joined it. I'm just thinking out loud here as much as anyone else but thinking about putting in a little time to get it rolling. I just reached retirement age but still want to have a little impact of my life here in this world. Our children are our heritage and long after we are gone it is they who act out what we have taught them. (Hopefully) Maybe, they will remember and do the same thing in our memory and a small part of us will live on forever... The cycle of life, huh!

Anyway, business's like Spookytooth actually look for venues to organize events. They might not want to spend valued time organizing and they could be at no risk of liability under the hedge of protection a propper club could offer. Affiliations through a well organized Club possibly associate clubs that have adopted copied charters from it could spring up in major towns or cities since Non Profits are actually owned by its membership.

Just keep watching the string and if you feel froggy jump in!!!


Lonnie McVaigh
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