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Default Re: Texas Legal MB Club

Thanks for the reply Techbiker!!!

Replied Text Follows:
Have you considered starting a private for-profit club? There would be no need to rely on the government and the club could offer members benefits for joining and paying an annual fee. The club could then use money to lobby members of the legislature to support gas engines. Many Texans would probably be more interested in a private club. Just an idea.

A cool thing to consider would be a club hosted state bike-a-thon. A week long bike ride all around Texas would be sweet and bikers could ride in a loop through several of the major cities.

The most important thing however is to get more people in Texas to be interested in motorbikes of all kinds so that there will be more support for motorized bicyclists.

ReRe Lonnie McVaigh:

Absolutely, I believe heartily in the entrepreneurial spirit... (Spelling?) I've been in business a long time but truthfully, I don't have the right personality to actually really hold a bottom line just for profit and end up being manipulated. I guess I was ruined for that after becoming our Church's Financial Chair. My Church of 22 years, I never knew about a book of discipline, (Church Policies and Creeds) just Methodist values applied through the Bible. But at the Conferences I learned that Church Claims where being used at the Methodist Hospitals for Abortions all that time when they took a vote to support Partial Birth Abortions! Big money too... Anyway, long story short I'm a much better servant when I'm broke and needy but I get loved alot and have helped many successful business owners.

I'm to passionate about what I'm into, the sport or activity and just feel inspired whenever I can promote it to spend efforts to like take ownership of it for myself. Another thing is that I don't enjoy the competitive nature of business, Capitalism is a great economic system... the best in our world anyway but not a form of governing and is kind of a hinderance to unifing and social structures like clubs. It makes clicks and hidden agendas like in the united church that causes meetings before meetings, end runs and power plays.

Not me champ... Save that for the real businessmen in the club who can take the pressure, its tough enough just to look out for the best interests of what you love. I guess that is what you mean when you say the main thing is to keep the main thing... The MAIN thing. If a club gets started, there will be plenty in it who can rightfully make profit through a shop and or Club Site. I would say a concern or main thing would be to make sure that our clubs organizational state and federal guidelines were being followed. Most states don't allow a non profit to compete with for profits or they have a real low threshold for what they can do.

Business's make money, can donate it and then right it off of their books but a non profit must be careful not to show favoritism, especially to any Club Officers or Board Members. But Non Profits can support other non profits that are properly recognized. Our idea the build the sport is one to build on, just like you say...


Lonnie McVaigh
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