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Default re: 2 the guy who is up his own

I'm not against posts expressing negative experiences. I've been pretty supportive of Jim for the simple reason that my experiences with him have been good. Sure, I had to wait some, but I knew that was the situation when I ordered. He does custom work and the bigger orders come first. I can only report on my own experiences. Good products some of which are available nowhere else, more than fair prices and in my own experience good customer service. I'm not a fan and not a "cheerleader". Not into hero worship. I will say that Jim was one of the people who helped me out when I most needed it. As did a couple of you who are the most vocal as his critics. It pains me to hear the negative personal attacks as I consider all three of you my friends. Each of you has been kind to me, each of you has my respect. However, I wish this soap opera would end. Can we change the channel and get back to our normal programming? The criticisms have been posted many times. It has been said and heard. If there's something new to report, then do so, but why keep hashing over the same old? It sounds like an ongoing grudge and is pointless.
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