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Default re: 2 the guy who is up his own

Originally Posted by weekend-fun View Post
is it possible for someone to get banned and the ban later be lifted?


Yes of course - "temp bans" (usually roughly three days) are sometimes used on forums to give people a second chance - a lil while to cool down and figure out what went wrong... we don't tend to utilize them here as we prefer a more direct & interactive an approach, usually we exchange PMs to try to figure out what the problem is... which is admittedly harder, but often effective. Temp bans I personally find to be unusually authoritative and not very effective at all... but sometimes it's all ya can do *shrug*

But... what on earth would we possibly ban you for man? I mean... if you've got homework or something ya need do and yer spending too much time here I suppose we could exile ya...

...but I say ta heck w/the chores or w/e - bikes rule