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Default re: 2 the guy who is up his own

Originally Posted by Venice Motor Bikes View Post
Jim still takes orders from at his shop... It's not all through Pirate!!! (that's BS)


So order through Pirate - or not.

We, the staff of DO NOT in any way endorse or promote ANY of the vendors or sponsors on this site - including you Venice. We can't possibly know the details of all those that would sell their products here, we rely on rational, comprehensive reviews by the customer base for even those vendors we'd purchase from ourselves.

As such - we have no vested interest in the success or failure of any business beyond that of our normal concern for our members, vendors are actually considered members BTW no more - no less.

At last report as far as I was aware of MM was limiting his retail business through Pirate - if he's changed his mind and/or still accepting custom orders, he's not been advertising it here - or I've missed it - and/or it was deleted because of drama.

Don't think for a second we'd sacrifice the integrity of this forum for any vendor. We enforce the forum rules for and against all - break those rules and we'll intercede, respect those rules and you're welcome. If posts got deleted - they were deleted because they broke the rules, plain and simple.

The rest is simply unfounded assumption.